Stressed, anxious or depressed?  Having relationship issues?

You've always secretly felt like you don't belong. You worry that you might have said something wrong, or that someone will notice how anxious or depressed you are, or you feel like you're a burden to others. Maybe you feel like you don't belong at work, or that you're not good enough for your job. You don't feel that sense of belonging, even in your own family or in your close relationships. You've tried exercise and making yourself go out, but nothing really changes. You've almost given up hope. My office whether it be on the couch or outdoors in nature is a place where you belong. With the right kind of support, things will begin to shift! I help people reconnect with themselves and with each other. Together, we will identify a path toward your goals, so that you can begin to think more positively about yourself.


I'm a therapist who listens to you and speaks your language. I help my clients to embrace their uniqueness, to find places of belonging, and to turn towards more confidence and connection in their lives. My specialties include anxiety, ADHD adults, relationship issues and LGBTQIAPK clients. Together we break down the barriers that have been holding you back from acceptance. I teach self-compassion techniques and how to turn on the calm when the anxiety and overwhelm rises. I believe that having a positive connection with a supportive, affirming therapist that sees your strengths as well as your challenges, a therapist that challenges your negative thought patterns where real hope exists, opens the door to better connections with others and with yourself. If you want to live a life in full acceptance of who you are, to find ease as you navigate relationships and connection, then contact me for a free consult.

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