Adults with ADD ADHD

Learn to Manage Your Time, Organize Your Life 

and Have Better Relationships

"Empty cans on the counter and the laundry's never done
The dog's tracked in snow and mud
For every rose there's a weed, but every weed is welcome
This house ain't much of a house, but it's a home"

Courtney Marie Andrews, This House

What is ADD or ADHD? AD(H)D stands for Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder. We usually think of kids having ADD/ADHD, but those kids become adults!  If your child, parent or sibling has it there is a good chance you do too! Having a deficit in attention means that you process information differently from most people, and might find it harder to focus on the task at hand, avoid distractions, or prioritize and manage your time. This can lead to difficulties with schoolwork, difficulties completing projects and meeting deadlines, and difficulties with personal organization and relationships. You might think that everyone has these difficulties, but people vary on a spectrum from those exceptionally good at knowing where to put their attention and doing that, to those who are worse than average and need to practice those skills more than others. This is where therapy can help!

Not sure if you or a loved one has AD(H)D? Download this Screening Tool and fill it out. You can bring it with you to a session with me, with your current therapist, or with your doctor. A score of 17 or more in Part A or Part B means that you are likely to have ADD/ADHD. Further evaluation with a mental health professional is necessary to confirm a diagnosis.

How I work with ADD/ADHD adults. I offer Couples Counseling to help with communication in relationships. I offer CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) focusing on those skills most needed to remedy ADD/ADHD, such as time management. I often use this book by Mary Solanto, that you can also purchase and start working on yourself. My ADD/ADHD clients frequently prefer to do therapy outdoors, in nature, while taking a walk.

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