Therapy for Social Anxiety and Social Phobia

Do you have a hard time in groups or crowds? Do you struggle getting to know new people?

You can’t stop thinking about what you said wrong or did wrong. You end up worrying all day about every step you take and it leaves you unable to talk to the people around you, afraid of upsetting them too. You feel like it’s better if you just hide and stay out of everyone’s way. But you want the job promotion, you want to be able to talk to your family, you want to feel in love and seen by your partner yet you don’t know how to make it happen when your insides tell you to run and hide all the time. I help people to find their confidence, gain courage to challenge their fears and to think more positively about themselves. I won’t give up on you or let you hide away. Who knows, you could become the self- confident, sociable person you admire. Call today to book your free consultation to discover how to get there.

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